What have you learned from other mobile piano games that helped to improve Piano Tiles 2?

"Before developing Piano Tiles 2, our team tried a ton of similar mobile games on the market but walked away unimpressed.

"It did inspire us though, and we realised that the core of a game - and how well it performs - is in how it plays over anything else.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Piano Tiles 2 Piano Tiles 2[/caption]

"With that in mind, we worked hard to provide the best user experience possible and to ensure that our players would have fun before anything else."

Which games is it most inspired by and how is this inspiration represented in the game?

"A game devoid of creativity or emotional connection won't impress players.

"We weren't really inspired by any other games. Instead, we decided to make something truly unique and try and make it the best game possible.

"You can feel this as soon as you open Piano Tiles 2."

More: http://pianotiles2.com/

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Piano Tiles 2 online

Piano Tiles 2

Just tap the black piano tiles and avoid the white tiles in this HTML5 version of Piano Tiles 2 (Don't Tap the White Tile 2)!

This super fun and addictive game has just one rule: don't touch the white tiles! Are your reflexes good enough to master this challenge? Choose your favorite game mode and play for a high score or just for fun!

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See morce: http://pianotiles2.com/

Don’t Tap the White Tile is just the latest hit to prove no one really understands mobile gaming

What is Piano Tiles/Don’t Tap The White Tile?

Well, it is the most downloaded game for iPhone and Android. The simple, arcade-style release has players tapping vertical-scrolling black tiles in a variety of different modes. The idea is to tap the correct parts of the screen as fast as you can, and that’s about the extent of the mechanics. The “Classic” stage wants to see how fast you can tap 30 blocks, and “Arcade” gives you the chance to continue for as long as you can avoid the dreaded white spaces, but that’s it.

Piano Tiles

You should try to beat my scores!
Above: You should try to beat my scores!
Image Credit: Jeff Grubb/GamesBeat
And it’s exceedingly simple.

Piano Tiles embodies everything about the kinds of stuff that is bubbling up on mobile recently. Like Flappy Bird, each match of Piano Tiles only lasts for a short amount of time. Like 2048, it has an incredibly basic visual style. Like both games, Piano Tiles only really has players performing one gesture action, and it is free. It also lacks any in-app purchases.

The app is performing well. In fact, more people are downloading Piano Tiles 2 game on iOS and Android than Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga. Those may make a lot more money, but they also have huge development teams. Umoni Studio, the developer responsible for Piano Tiles, doesn’t even have an official website.

What this says about mobile gaming

That apps like Piano Tiles and 2048 are taking over the top of the download charts while Angry Birds studio Rovio’s profits take a nosedive is potential evidence of a couple of possibilities.

For one, it could mean that big publishers have no idea what gamers really want. After all, Flappy Bird and 2048 seemed to come out of nowhere. They also lack a certain amount of polish and production values that mobile publishers often put into their releases. And smartphone owners don’t seem to care.

Game play: http://pianotiles2.com/

Try Piano Tiles the New Game That Will Have You Cursing

No matter, however: These strangely addicting, simple games keep you playing on.

The newest game that’s driving smartphone gamers nuts? It’s called Piano Tiles. It’s near the top of the iTunes charts, and it brings a fresh element to the genre: music.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones (still listed under the name Don’t Tap The White Tile in the Play store), Piano Tiles reminds us of a stripped-down version of Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero. In the Arcade mode, a waterfall of black keys scattered from left to right comes flying at you from above. Each key represents the next note in a song. The object is to tap the black keys, and only the black keys, in order, as fast as you can. Accidentally tapping a white key will result in a game over. Falling too far behind in the sequence will also get you ousted.

Piano Tiles
Tapping through the board at the correct pace will compose a song. Beethoven’s Für Elise and Pachelbel’s Canon were a couple of songs within the game that we were able to identify.

Aside from Arcade mode, Piano Tiles also offers Classic, which presents a set number of tiles that you race against the clock to get through, and Zen, in which you’re given a number of seconds to tap as many tiles as you can. Relay is a variation on Zen mode that refreshes the clock after every 50 tiles cleared, and Rush is a variation on Arcade mode that measures black tiles cleared per second.

Each gaming mode also has difficulty modifiers, in case you want to make things harder on yourself.

What’s that? Just reading the explanation of Piano Tiles 2 already has you aggravated before playing a minute of the game? Well, you’re welcome to join the fray.

Similar to what we saw at the height of this winter’s Flappy Bird craze, Twitter timelines everywhere are filling with the gripes of gamers who are swearing up and down at Piano Tiles (including some in language that we can’t post here).

Link: http://pianotiles2.com

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Piano Tiles

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