Understanding the Different Modes in Piano Tiles

We all already know about the default “Arcade” mode in Piano Tiles. The rules are simple: Just keep pressing on the black tile as fast as you can as they race down to the bottom of your screen.

Piano Tiles, problem is these black tiles are sandwiched between three white tiles in random order. Your job is to make sure you don’t touch these or your game is over in Piano Tiles. Miss a black tile and the game ends as well. Remember, the speed increases as the game goes on, so be on your toes (or fingers!) on this one!

piano tiles

Classicpiano tiles game modes

Then there’s the “Classic” mode. For those of you racing gamers out there, you’ll understand this to be similar to a “time trial”. The goal is to click or tap 50 tiles in quick succession – the speed or rate of the tiles as they fall never changes. The key here is finishing in the quickest time possible. The lower the time, the higher the score.


Next up is Arcade Mode. In this mode, the screen scrolls automatically, and you have to hit the black keys before they disappear off the bottom.

This mode is the most fun and challenging mode if you ask me! Me and my girlfriend have beaten each others records many times in Piano Tiles and we think Arcade is the best. What’s your personal best in Arcade? Let me know in the comments below!


“Zen” mode is essentially the reverse. The objective this time round is to tap as many black tiles as you can in a span of 30 seconds. This is fun for those who want to prove to each other who has that eagle-claw reflexes. The more black tiles you tap, the higher your score.


“Rush” mode is for those who find “Arcade” mode a game for snails. The chase is definitely on as the black tiles descend your screen much, much faster. This mode will definitely leave you gasping for air. Not for the faint of heart!

Relaypiano tiles high score

“Relay” mode is where this game gets a bit crafty. The object of the game is to keep alive by reaching the checkpoint of 50 tiles. Reach this in 10 seconds and you play on for another 10 seconds. The game goes on until you can no longer complete the 50-tile count in the prescribed time.

And there you have it, the five modes of Piano Tiles 2 that will definitely keep the game fresh – and keep you playing.

Source: http://pianotiles2.com/

Piano Tiles game – Guide to Playing Don’t Tap the White Tile Game Kindle Edition

Piano Tiles is a single-player mobile game where all you have to do is to tap on the black tiles and avoid tapping on the white tiles at all costs. The game is also known as Don’t Tap the White Tile. Famous music compositions will play as you tap on black tiles. Every time you tap on a black tile, a note will play. It will make you feel as if you’re playing music on the piano. It will remind you of the mobile game Tap Tap Revenge or the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. The game has a very simple and addictive gameplay. It has different game modes that will challenge you in many ways.

piano tiles

Piano Tiles

But the game is not as easy as you think. There are tips and tricks you need to know in order for you not to tap the white tile and “Piano Tiles game Guide: The Unofficial Fun Guide to Playing Don’t Tap the White Tile Game” has the tips and tricks for you to fully enjoy and play the game successfully.

In any piano tiles 2 game that you play, these two principles are certainly not amiss to keep in mind. Piano Tiles is all about quick reflexes and keen senses.

The only way you can keep an eye on those black tiles and have the swift hands to tap them all is to keep on playing the game. In this way, you can slowly develop your own style of play Piano Tiles.

piano tiles

Piano Tiles 2

Never focus on just the last line in game Piano Tiles. It will be instinct for first-time players to focus on the last line or second to the last line of tiles to know where to tap. This won’t be of much help in the long run because as the tiles cascade faster, you won’t have enough time to see the black tile and have the reflex to touch it before you miss it altogether.

This is where your practice will come in handy. Try playing “Classic” first and see how you can develop your game. While doing this, try to make full use of your peripheral vision and see where the next black tile will land. This way, you won’t run out of time should the black tile finally appear.

Game Piano Tiles features:

4 Game modes
Minimalistic graphics
Magnificent music
Source: http://pianotiles2.com/
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Piano Tiles

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